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The Amethyst Academies Trust (AAT) was born out of the success of Aldersley High School, a community school of 800 students which has achieved outstanding progress for the past 2 years. We believe we have the capacity and the experience to inspire students and staff and bring about rapid and sustained improvement for the benefit of the Local Authority, and wider community.

AAT is a multi-academy sponsor and the Family of Schools currently comprises of two schools who work together to ensure that all children irrespective of their starting point receive an excellent education. We relish the opportunity to be part of the much needed regeneration of all areas we work in and wish to play a full role in the wider community.

Nicola Davis – Chief Executive Officer

The Amethyst Blog

Our journey to a knowledge rich curriculum throughout the trust.

Episode 5: The Christmas Edition

  • Posted by Paul Martin
  • On December 13, 2018
Say no to Gradgrind, and Yes to Scrooge and Creativity… One of the most frequently heard criticisms of a Knowledge-Rich curriculum is that it will turn all teachers into domineering lecturers, presiding over row after row of bowed heads, repeating sentence after sentence after sentence in an attempt to beat learning into reluctant young minds. […]
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Episode 5: The Christmas Edition
13 Dec 07:00 pm

Say no to Gradgrind, and Yes to Scrooge and Creativity… One of the most frequently heard criticisms...

Amethyst Academies Trust Knowledge Rich Conference
19 Nov 07:30 pm

On Friday 16th November the Amethyst Academies trust held it’s first conference speaking about our experiences moving...


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